With the introduction of the MendelMax 2 earlier this year, Makers Tool Works has raised the bar on quality and speed of open source 3d printers at an unbeatable price point. We’ve sold hundreds of kits to some amazing customers enabling their creativity and increasing productivity: users are taking the digital to physical faster and more accurately than before.

We have gotten feedback from potential customers that are concerned with the complexity of the build process — they just want to take their MM2 out of the box and print. So it is with great enthusiasm that we announce the availability of assembled MendelMax 2 3D printers.  Now you can own one of the best open source printers available but be printing within about an hour of opening the box.

Priced at $2,195, the printer includes all of the standard features of the MendelMax 2, like its massive print area, incredible speed, high-quality construction, and beautiful aesthetics– plus a few extras like an included spool mount and a ready to use fan duct– guaranteeing the easiest out-of-the-box experience possible

All pre-assembled printers are built to spec and calibrated with the industry standard benchmarks. With every printer that we ship, we include its passing Make Magazine Torture Test print, which highlights the printer’s Z axis consistency, X and Y axis precision, and high-performing MaxStruder. The bridges look great, holes are correctly sized, and surface finish is fantastic.

We’re confident that the MendelMax 2 Assembled printers that we’re shipping are of the highest assembly quality and still maintain the world-class performance that the MendelMax line has become famous for.  We have printers on hand ready to ship with more being built daily.

Supplies are limited. We only accept orders for assembled printers that we can ship within 1 week. To learn more about the Fully Assembled MendelMax 2 3D Printer, click here.