Announcing MendelMax Magma: The Next Generation in FFF Printing

Oklahoma City, OK – April 1, 2013 – Maker’s Tool Works is excited to announce the all new MendelMax Magma, the first 3D printer manufactured to use stone filament. Utilizing a revolutionary soon-to-be-released open-source rock extruder and hotend, temperatures in excess of 1600 celsius are possible. With this new capability, materials such as basalt, andesite, and we’re most excited to say that rhyolite are now usable as filament. Naturally, many considerations regarding the format of the solid filament were integrated into the design, especially since the filament is so hard to uncoil.

Not only is the Magma a breakthrough in FFF materials printing, but it is also in RepRap printer capabilities. With a total print volume of 4.1 cubic feet (116,099.07 cubic centimeters), the Magma is one of the most flexible open-source printers available.

Additionally, Maker’s Tool Works is excited to be enlisting US workers to operate in manufacturing filament, too. 3D printer community leader “OhmEye” is leading the materials procurement division based out of Hawaii, USA. Priced just above what it will cost to replace OhmEye’s burntĀ arm hair, FFF will finally be affordable for everyone to use.

MendelMax Magma: never chisel another stone part again.

Ryan Turner
RE Magma


Edit: April fools!!