People who haven’t used a 3D printer sometimes just don’t get it. What is it used for? Why would I want one? This series addresses just that: it will be a 4 part series on applications of 3D printing in different settings and uses.

To get things started, let’s look at a few things around the house. Where can 3D printing help? Often times things are broken, and replacements are a natural use for 3D printing.


How about something that is hard to find and customizable to meet your specific needs? In my house, cutting boards end up leaning against the splash guard of the counter top while they are drying. Cutting Board Drying Rack / Desk File by brackett27 is a great example of 3D printing to meet your specific needs, because I have never found a plate drying rack that fits wooden cutting boards.


Sometimes though, something isn’t quite right from the start. Take an uneven table, so frequent to happen, easily and affordably solved by Adjustable Foot for Tables and Furnitures by ffleurey.

Last, I’ve discarded or set-aside furniture in the past because of missing shelf supports from adjustable shelves. Whether they fall out and are lost or originally thought to be unnecessary, the supports just aren’t there when you need them. So, print it!

2013-09-07_14.41.15_preview_featured (1)Cabinet Shelf Support by venomMan1 is just that!

So, what did I miss on my quick round-up of household 3D prints? Of course there are spoon rests, miscellaneous brackets, wall plate covers, and even vinyl headshell/cartridge holders. Having a printer around the house makes things easier around the house in day-to-day life.