Tech Note for all MM3 and MiniMax Printers:

We have seen the following issue from two of our users. If the hob groove is machined to deep the metal plate of the lever arm can touch the brass and rub a groove like shown in the pictures. You can also see on the metal plate where it has been rubbing on the hob. This keeps the filament tension from being able to be set properly and the brass filings can enter the pfte tube where the filament goes and cause filament jams.

If you see a groove being worn into the brass hob like in the picture you will need to perform the following correction. ( See picture of hob )

To correct this issue you can use a small file or a dremel tool and grind away some of the metal plate where it has been touching. ( see picture of area circled on the lever arm) Remove the 3mm bearing before doing this so it is not damaged.

If you have any questions doing this modification you can reach us via the help desk ticket system or the IRC Chat channel.