Take part in the official build class, put on by the designer. At the first annual Midwest RepRap Festival, Maxbots and Ryan Turner will be teaching how to assemble and use the MendelMax 2.0. Builders from experts to beginners are welcome, but the class will not assume any background knowledge in 3D printing. With a ticket, you will get a seat in the class, as well as all of the hardware and electronics necessary to participate.

This is not buying an assembled product. Our goal in the class is to help you along your own experience of building a 3D printer. We know the problems that beginner builders face, and we know how to teach experienced builders the tricks and tips of the MendelMax 2 design.

Under the experts’ guidance, you will assemble, learn to calibrate, and print with a MendelMax 2.0! You will go home with a working printer. All that you need to bring with you is a Windows or Mac laptop.

The event is on March 15 – 17th 2013 in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

Exact class times are still to be determined, but the class will most likely will be organized into two 4-hour sessions across two days.

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, so order early to guarantee your spot!

A general list of topics covered

  • Overview of machine, expectations of design
  • Review of assembly process
  • Basic frame assembly
  • Assembly of the axes
  • Motor, hotend, and extruder mounting
  • How to wire the MendelMax 2.0
  • High-level assembly of the print controller
  • Flashing firmware to your printer
  • Setting up the toolchain on your laptop
  • Calibrating your printer

If you’ve followed 3D printing for months, but you’ve been afraid to assemble a kit on your own, this is a great opportunity. We’ll work with you to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Let us worry about getting things together, and let you focus on building your MendelMax 2!

(Sorry, sold out!)