V-SLOT Extrusion_Logo SquareEvery few months, we get really excited about a new product. RepRap constantly evolves, with new technologies and printers being released all the time. Here recently, we learned about a project called V-Slot rail that has been in the works.

VSlot rail is a product by OPENBUILDS that takes traditional aluminum extrusions and notches the inside edges for linear movement about the length of the extrusion. More than just a clever logo, its a clever device. The most exciting aspect, though is that they’ve been able to release it under a creative commons fairshare license while still maintaining an aggressive price. In combining two often mated technologies, price and assembly time is driven down, and versatility of both is increased.

V-Slot has a kickstarter going, where you can offer crowd-sourced capital for the venture, and in return, receive some perks to play with. This doesn’t look like your typical kickstarter with much uncertainty — they’ve posted pictures of some initial inventory, and they’re already over half way funded.

We’re very excited at MTW to have this technology coming out and see the opportunity to use it in many future products. We hope that you check out their product and consider it in your next extrusion-based build, too.