MTW Create 3D Printer Details and Features

The latest printer from Maker’s Tool Works refines our hugely successful MendelMax series of printers. Compared to our MendelMax 3, the MTW Create™ is much easier to assemble, and much more reliable out of the box. We have eliminated as much as possible of the variability, so you should get great prints out of the box, with almost no calibration. Other improvements include recirculating ball linear rails on all axes and built in WiFi and a 5″ Color Touchscreen.


  • Incredibly robust construction using 3/8″ and 1/2″ (10mm and 13mm) thick machined aluminum and laser cut steel plates.
  • Wireless printing from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.
  • 5″ Color Touchscreen.
  • Massive build volume 250 x 315 x 250mm / 10 x 12.5 x 10″.
  • Optional Dual Extruders to print multiple colors or materials in the same print. You do not sacrifice build area when you add a second extruder.
  • Only high quality components and materials used, guaranteeing reliable life and long service with minimal maintenance.
  • Automatic bed levelling makes printing easy.
  • Recirculating ball linear rails on all axes.
  • All Metal E3D v6 Hot End.
  • High speed two-start leadscrews greatly increase your vertical travel speeds.
  • Rambo Electronics manufactured in the USA.
  • The electronics and power supply are enclosed for safety, but remain easily accessible for maintenance.
  • One 1kg roll of PLA filament included!

Watch the video review, unboxing, and time lapse build
(Video coming soon)

Sample prints from the Create printer