Maker’s Tool Works is excited to announce three new upgrades:
MTW PrintGrip 3D Printer Build Sheets – Great improvement in print bonding to the build surface, thick and sturdy. Tested with ABS, PLA, TPU, PETG, and more. With proper care, these sheets should last well over 100 prints. Custom sized for MM2, MM3, Create & Create Express, and can be cut to size for the MiniMax & Fusematic.
New Lead Screw with Bronze Nut for all MTW printers – Two-Start lead screws with build in wobble isolation. Greatly reduces Z-Wobble artifacts! Require just a printed 
adapter available as an addon or in the stl repository. Compatible with all MTW Printers.
High Heat Machined Aluminum Glass Mount Set – These mounts replace the standard printed glass mounts, and are great if you print materials that need the heated bed at above 100C.
All three of these upgrades are available now with special introductory pricing.
In addition, we have several other upgrades that we want to make sure you know about:
Machined Bed Upgrade – for upgraded MM2’s to MM3, and early MM3 variants (ones with bent steel bed plates) – 3mm machined aluminum bed, bringing the same unparalleled bed stability that the Create and Create Express boast.
Side-Clip Glass Mount Upgrade – for early adopters of the Create and the MM3 Machined Bed upgrade, replacing the original top style clamping mounts, with the side clips providing better clearance for the ABL sensor. Also available for the MiniMax.
The machined bed upgrade requires an ABL sensor, and we have the best ABL sensor currently on the market – The BLTouch, a sensor that we found to be superior to the inductive and IR sensors. The CreateCreate Express, and MendelMax 3 come with it stock. The mounts are available for purchase, and for printing in the stl repository folders. Make sure to get a wiring harness as well!
If you are still using the single block mount for the hotends on your MM3, we have improved the design with our MendelMax 3 Improved Extruder Kit, with clamping mounts to ease the installation and adjustment for dual printing. We’ve also redesigned the extruder body to give better results if you print with Flexible filaments. The new design allows you to double your print speed when printing flexibles, meaning that our printers are among the best for use when printing flexibles.  The updated extruder body is also available to print yourself  in the stl repository, both for the old mounting blocks and the new one, and can be used on MM3, Mini, and Create.
And even more upgrades from E3D:
 – The updated E3D heating blocks, using the cartridge thermistor, and the silicone socks to protect it from the fan’s airflow.
– Hardened Steel nozzle, for your abrasive filament needs
– Nozzle fun pack, with a wide range of nozzle sizes
– Volcano Eruption Pack, everything you need to turn your hotend into a Volcano and print in high volume, with nozzle widths up to 1.2mm. Printing with the Volcano greatly increases your print speed, by up to 800%, and results in much stronger prints..
We will be adding more upgrades to the list as soon as they will be available, so check often! Dont hesitate to drop us a line via live chat, irc or email if you got questions.