Warranty & Refund Policy

Your happiness is our priority. If you have a problem, contact us and we’ll strive to make it right.

Please read the following information fully, so no misunderstandings occur.

If the item was received damaged or Defective
If any damage occurs during shipping it must be reported within seventy-two (72) hours.

For up to thirty (30) days after purchase, you may return damaged or defective products to Maker’s Tool Works for a full refund or replacement.

If the item is eligible for a refund as a damaged item, Maker’s Tool Works will arrange to cover the cost of shipping for the return. In certain cases,
Maker’s Tool Works may not pursue returning the item, but instead simply offer a refund.

Please note that individual defective/damaged items in a kit will not be considered grounds for a return of the entire kit; however, we will happily
replace any damaged or defective individual items at our own expense.

If when we receive your return it is found to not be damaged or defective, the refund will be treated as if you did not want or need the item, and
you will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, plus any extra costs due to missing or non-salable components.

If you no longer need/want the item
For up to thirty (30) days after purchase, you may return your product to Maker’s Tool Works for a refund. Products must be in salable condition,
and  you will have to pay a 15% of purchase cost restocking fee and the original cost of shipping. Optionally, we can offer you store credit and as a
courtesy not assess a restocking fee.

For these sorts of refunds, the buyer is responsible for covering the cost of returning items to Maker’s Tool Works.

Filament is a consumable and is not returnable after opening.

6 Month Warranty
Most items we sell have a 6 month replacement warranty against failures during normal use. Items that fail within 30 days of receipt will be
replaced at our expense. After 30 days, the customer is responsible for shipping. At our discretion we may ask for you to return the original item
at our expense.

General Information
If you’d like a refund, contact us first. Once your return is approved, be sure to ship us the entire item, in its originally received condition, with all
original packing and accessories. Failure to do this may result in a delay in processing your refund, additional handling fees being deducted from
your refund, or in extreme cases your refund being denied.

Kits are considered to be groups of items, as listed on their packing slips. Refunds for kits will only be processed if the entire group of items is
returned. Exceptions may be considered in special cases, please contact us for approval.

We will not issue refunds on products damaged due to misuse or failure to follow instructions.

Please note that the warranty coverage on the RAMBo printer controllers, whether purchased separately or with a kit, will be handled by the
controller manufacturer Ultimachine.

Please note that these are subject to change at any time without notice, and that we may offer individual coverage exceeding
these policies at our discretion.